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Exception is an action-packed platformer set to release in 2018. Prepare for a system that turns every tactic and strategy on its head. This game takes a new look at standard 2D levels and makes the most of it. All the while, the player is treated to a fun and quirky story. It is altogether a good addition to the platformer genre and is sure to delight anyone looking to mix things up a bit.

New Strategies

Let’s be honest, most platformers feel very similar because they rely on reaching the absolute peak of jumps and mastering the tactical timing required to kill enemies. Most platformers rinse and repeat this strategy with no real changes. Instead, Exception requires backing down from perfection. Perfect leaps often send the player over the top and off of an edge while slowing down to kill enemies is, often times, the wrong decision to make.

While Exception keeps the common theme of trying to get to the end as quickly as possible, the developer pushes players to the limit. Hitting that quickest time goal involves skipping opponents and leaping at half height to hit a target perfectly. When I first started, I had to slow down and completely re-think how I was going to approach this game. Exception was quick to teach me that my idea of perfection was very one dimensional.

2D Game in a 3D World

One of the first things that pop out about Exception is the use of 3D levels. While the game plays out in a 2D format, reaching different points will cause the entire level to re-configure itself. Flipping things around and playing from a new perspective squeezes the most out of different aspects in every level. To top it off, the transitions and effects that come with them are absolutely pleasing to the eye.

‘Exception’ Is A Story Done Right

The story in Exception is short but what they have is pretty good. It all starts off with an elderly lady who fumbles around on her computer ending up with some malicious software. From there, the story takes on an Osmosis Jones feeling as it explores the inner workings of a computer. The story is vibrant and perfectly augmented by bright neon colors and fast-paced music.

Stories in platformers are often very hit or miss. Blazing through a platformer without ever seeing a story is not uncommon. Often, an action styled platformer with a story has too many cutscenes slowing the pace. Exception nails down the perfect recipe by providing both story and gameplay in the best way possible. While playing through the game, menus open up asking the user if they want to watch the story video or save it for later. This provides the perfect option for players with either preference.


Exception mixes things up enough to make an old genre feel fresh again. Making many mistakes while learning the unique style of the game was infuriating at first, but breaking the norm was just what I needed. The graphics are beautiful and the music is top notch.

More information about Exception can be found on the official website. It is releasing in early 2018 and only on Steam.

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Review: 'Exception' A Refreshing New Platformer
Great new take on a platformerPleasing audio and visualsGenuinely fun to play
Too easy once the proper tactics are nailed down
Visuals and Sound9
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