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Rocket League is a fun, affordable game that anyone can pick up and play. Coming out in mid-2015, Rocket League quickly became a fan favorite and also broke into the Esports world very early on within the first month. While being an easy game for people to play casually, it also has some in-depth mechanics that make for intense gameplay within competitive gaming. From riding on the walls to flying through the air, praying that you got the angle right and no one is coming to get the ball from you, the game keeps you on your toes. Customization is also a big part in this game that brings a unique aspect to each particular game. With so much to customize, very rarely do you get into a match with the same car, color, boost trail, hat, wheels, and even emblems for your antenna. Everyone feels like an individual. Rocket League did DLC correctly, without a double. You do have to pay for the DLC, but for $3.99 you get more of the customizations that you can unlock normally, and even new gameplay modes. Currently with 3 DLC packages and more coming, this game keeps up with its player base’s expectations. rocket-league-2 It goes without saying as a competitively played game that the multiplayer is phenomenal. You can play against/with AI if you wish, however it is much more fulfilling to play with others, as any competitive or strategy-based game is. While being great online, Rocket League has awesome couch play as well. Getting friends together around to yell, scream, and shout at one another while playing and watching remote control cars play soccer? What could be more fun than that! Hands down, Rocket league is one of the best multiplayer games of 2015 while blowing all of the other sports games out of the water.

Images copyright Rocket League/Psyonix.

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