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Once again our dear friend Mario goes on an epic adventure. This time around we have the option to pick any of the classic characters such as Luigi, Princess Peach (wait we’re not saving the princess this time!?) or Toad. In this iteration of Mario you will be able to get about fourteen different suits/power-ups ranging from the classics (Super star, Super Mushroom, and Tanooki Suit) to new and exciting power-up suits such as the Double Cherry and Super Bell (this turns you into a cute cat). After spending almost eight years apart, I felt an immediate sense of nostalgia. It felt like Mario was giving me a hug and welcoming me back into his universe. Not only did the gameplay feel like it used to but it had a modern, polished look. As I ventured across the new lands there were several things that triggered flashbacks to when I was a kid. The first was when I was at Plessie’s Plunging Falls. One I heard the penguin racing music I became a kid again. Thank you Nintendo for doing what you do best.  However, this time I was riding a big dinosaur while waiting for the big penguin to chase us down. Nintendo did such a great job bringing my childhood out. Every coin I collected and every Bowser laugh brought me back even more.
The second biggest flashback throughout playing was multiple game scores. As I spent hours running through this universe I found myself always feeling captured by the music. The music in this game was beautifully orchestrated, you could hear how much emotion was behind each score. Koji Kondo and the team brought me back once again. You will find yourself enjoying the angelic theme music over and over again. After hours of playing I always found myself humming the songs. Another thing that captured my eyes about this game was how fluid the multiplayer is. I remember back in the day it was relatively frustrating getting your friends over and setting everything up. Now you’re able to pick up a Wii Mote, Wii U Controller or GamePad, Press A and you’re ready to play. Nintendo has truly brought me back to my childhood with Super Mario 3D World. I would recommend this game if you’re an avid gamer looking to relax or you’re a new gamer looking to get into the Mario universe and appreciate a classic. Cat Bowser Pros :
* Really relaxing game, there is no pressure to run through it quickly.
* SUPER BELL?! I mean, I am a cat-dad and I love being able to turn into a cat
* Reworks of older music. I loved hearing the penguin racing song.
* Great for four players!

* Predictable story line, but I can’t hold it against Nintendo.. It’s Mario!
* Using the Double Cherry was kind of frustrating, but that was user error.
* There was not enough Cat Bowser action.

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