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Super Mario Maker is one of the best Wiiu games of the year for 2015 and in general. While still keeping that classic Mario feel that we have come to know and love, this game adds even more excitement and features that before weren’t possible on a console.

Adding the Course Maker gives millions of people the creative freedom to show and test how good they are at Mario and platformers. The Course Maker also gives an interesting way to unlock new additions to the editor including items and different Mario game styles that are not only fun but also very rewarding. Starting with nothing, making courses, and  then expanding to new items allows the player to use their imagination fully.
Players can find all sorts of levels from easy classic levels all the way to remakes of to the unimaginable courses that made you question your own skills and push you to want that completion. With updates every Monday including new maps posted by Nintendo, there is rarely a time that the servers are down – and this is coming from an overnight worker who plays at the most random times


Giving players the ability to comment and give others stars on courses also allows the community to input their personal opinions and feel engaged in gameplay. It’s a great way to see which courses ones are popular, the most fun, and which are more challenging and have a 0.01% completion rate. The more stars a player gets for their creations, the more courses they are able to upload.
This game hands down proves that you can’t always go for graphics and that gameplay is what counts the most. Super Mario Maker would win best game for Wii U 2015 hands down if Xenoblade Chronicles X came out just a month later! Damn you holiday season!


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