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Rocket League’s latest DLC – Fate of the Furious!

Teaming up with Universal Studios, Psyonix brings to Rocket League players the “Fate of the Furious” DLC. Here is the trailer Psyonix that showcases the brand-new vehicle called the Dodge Ice Charger.

Of course, the Dodge draws inspiration from the real counterpart. It is a stunning chassis and has exclusive decals for those who willing to pay for the DLC. The update is going live on April 4. On the other hand, The Fate of the Furious movie from Universal Studios hits cinemas on April 14.

April Fools

In addition to the exciting news of the new content, Psyonix didn’t forget to leave us with a little April Fools’ prank. They swapped all of the Season 4 ranks! The age-old metallic ranking system is no more, and it is now something a little more organic!

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