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Patch 1.16 was released April 14th, in preparation for the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) starting on April 30th. Hitbox changes have come across many vehicles. Did your favorite vehicle get affected?

Hitbox Changes

Various vehicles have had their hitboxes modified to more accurately represent how they look.

  • Scarab and Grog – Increased length
  • Breakout and Hotshot – Increased width
  • Batmobile and Breakout – Reduced length
  • Gizmo, Octane, Ripper, and Scarab – Reduced height
  • Dominus – Increased length and height

These are definitely needed changes, whether they are noticeable or not. They will make each car more balanced. However, it may not change the fact that some vehicles will be better to use than others. Larger cars may have an advantage if the game is going purely off of hitboxes.

My hope is that each vehicles hitbox will be nearly identical to all others, to allow every single one to be used without any added benefit. It would make it so that everyone could use their favorite vehicle, as opposed to whichever one is “better.”

Exact hitboxes have been documented by Reddit user Varixai and can be found here.

Wasteland Map Change

The Wasteland has been one of the most hated maps to play on, especially for ranked play. It is much larger than the conventional maps and has curves that make the ball bounce differently.

There are issues with the map that would cause the ball to bounce erratically if they land on a specific spot or hit the walls in a certain way.

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These issues have been fixed as “collision improvements” and “improvements to ball-bounce behavior.”

Rocket League Championship Series

With these new changes in place, it’s time to buckle down and start practicing for the RLCS. Players have about 16 days to get acquainted with the new hitboxes and ball physics. I doubt that these changes will be a drastic change, but they could be noticeable by experienced players.

I’ll see you out there on the field when the RLCS comes around April 30th!

All images taken from Rocket League and are property of Psyonix.

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