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It’s February 21st and that means Psyonix has released patch notes right before RLCS Season 3 begins!

Patch Note Overview

There are a ton of new things included in v1.29. First up, cars!

Adding to the roster DLC cars is “Twin Mill III” including six new decals:

  • Flames,
  • Javelin,
  • Overline,
  • Speedster,
  • Pyro,
  • and Primo.

Players have the option of a new wheel type called the “OH5”.

Psyonix included a second car called “Bone Shaker” with six decals:

  • Bone Jack,
  • Diablo,
  • Inferno,
  • Pro-Street,
  • Starstruck,
  • and Stripes.

Also with it is a new wheel type called the “WW5SP”.

Antennas have been added to the collection of choices like the Hot Wheels Antenna and a Treasure Hunt Flag. Our staff is excited about this patch and it is live!

Toppers have also been added! Obviously, the Hot Wheels Topper is included. There is also a Shark Bite Topper!

Patch Note


General Changes

There is a rare drop chance to get the “Player’s Choice Crate Series 1” after online matches. Its contents have community favorite items voted by players of the game. Also, Rocket League supports the PS4 Pro with 4k rendering. High definition Car soccer here we come!

Bug Fixes

In this patch are a number of bug fixes listed below.

  • Two achievements have been fixed like “Infinite Power!” and “Mad Scientist”. The “Lightning” wheel is now named “Voltaic”.
  • When playing with Black Market decals equipped, the driver and passenger side windows no longer have Blue or Orange tints.
  • If pressing both shoulder buttons simultaneously, item overlap will not occur on the vehicle customization screen.
  • Chain link pattern is not visible when using some of the Rocket Trails.
  • Some performance issues were fixed with the Proton, Dark Matter, and Hypernova Rocket Trails.
  • Licensed Car items are no longer able to be forced onto other Battle Cars.
PS4 Specific Fixes
  • “Insufficient Space” is now properly displayed when saving a replay on a full hard drive
  • The saved replays will work correctly when transferring from one PS4 to another.

Patch Note Wrap Up

By doing all of these changes, hopefully, certain arenas will experience less lag or have higher performance. And with new Battle car options and customizations, there is plenty for players to be excited about!

Also, RLCS Season 3 begins in March and the players better be ready so, if you have a team to sign up with, head on over to the site! There are only a couple days left to compete against the best of the best.

Until next time.


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