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Rockstar Games: The Rumor We’ve Waited For?

Update: Rockstar Games released a second teaser image on October 17th. Giving more information on the potential announcement of Red Dead Redemption.

Well looks like Rockstar Games has stirred up some feelings and emotions from fans and followers all over, Rockstar Games changed their social media banners across the board, Sunday October 16th at around 8:30am EST.
John Marston

What does Rockstar have up their sleeves? What is happening? Is this really happening? The famous tweet of Red Dead Redemption’s bloody texture is floating around and has sparked gaming outlets and gamers from around the world. It felt like Christmas morning this Sunday, I tossed off the blankets, skipped my way into my office to share with you the true excitement behind this huge hint.


There are questions to be answered! As a die hard fan of anything by Rockstar Games… What was that tweet about? My brain took a few seconds to process what it could’ve been, Red Dead Redemption surfaced. Some of the rumors and possibilities of Rockstar’s major hint is another Red Dead Redemption. Did Rockstar get re-inspired by the new wild west series, Westworld? Personally, the biggest hint of all was the release of Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One through backward compatibility earlier this summer in July. This alone wasn’t taken lightly for some of us.

What exactly could this viral hint via a “tweet” mean? The first thing that comes to mind is maybe an HD remake of Red Dead Redemption. HD remakes seem to be the bandwagon game developers are jumping on as of late, not a bad thing but let’s really hope this is bigger than a HD remake. Rockstar is known for keeping quiet with their announcements until they are ready to share more details. Let’s hope this is the Red Dead Redemption we’ve waited for!

For now, replay or play Red Dead Redemption for the first time on Xbox One along with it’s fun and horror themed DLC, Undead Nightmare.


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