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Every day, millions of people play video games, either alone or with friends, to be entertained, or to pass time on the bus. Now, a portion of that time could be used to support an important cause. By playing Sea Hero Quest, a cute and heartfelt mobile game, you can help scientists research and fight dementia.
Sea Hero Quest

What is Dementia?

Dementia, a broad category of brain diseases, is a growing threat that slowly attacks the brain and destroys memories, language, and thinking. People affected by it can no longer remember great moments with their loved ones or share them. One of the first symptoms of dementia is a loss of navigational skills. However, scientists are not certain if  this is really caused by the disease affecting the brain, or by natural aging. These symptoms make it difficult for the patients to go about everyday life and it affects more people every year. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Like other forms of dementia, it is currently irreversible and it destroys brain cells.
 Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest: About the Game

The story of the game is of a boy and his father. The father was a brave adventurer who would explore the seas with his son. They would keep a journal of all the creatures they met. When the father grew old, he started to one by one lose his memories. His son, now an adult, decided to become the captain on the quest to recovering those precious moments. He set sail with his father and they embark on an adventure to recover those lost moments, rediscover monsters, and make a new journal.
When you play the game, you navigate a small boat through many maps with three main tasks: mazes, shooting flares (this will test players’ spatial awareness) and chasing creatures to capture photos of them! You earn stars for every level you play and you can use them to unlock customizations for your little boat.

Behind the Game

There are plenty of obstacles in the game that scientists use for their research:
  1. They can measure a person’s decision-making process from going from point A to point B. This data will be evaluated through a heat map and it will give scientists insight into the minds of a healthy population.
  2. The Flare Level can help them understand how accurately a person can trace back their original position.
  3. The game also makes you memorize where the objectives are before the level starts. The map then disappears and the goal is to see how well a person can navigate from memory. Some of the maps are also blurred as an extra challenging layer. This gives them the opportunity to compare how well a player can navigate in a partially obscured map vs. a clear one. Some levels also have salient landmarks and fog as another layer to affect navigation.
The scientists analyze the information gathered in the game to improve the ability spot the early signs of dementia. They plan to ask patients to play the game while in a brain scanner to monitor their decision-making. In a long term basis, this game could become a key role to the success of new therapies and pharmaceutical drugs.
SeaHeroQuest - HeatMap
This game is really enjoyable and has beautiful artwork. It has already achieved at 5-star rating on Android and iOS. Many people have given it great reviews and pledged their support for the cause by playing the game. Sea Hero Quest is entirely free and definitely worth trying. We can all game for good with this simple project that might help a lot of people!
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