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It finally happened! After almost a year of preseason, Heroes of the Storm’s Dev team announced the release date of the first Ranked season. Needless to say, one year of preseason is a long time, but the wait was worth it. Blizzard created a totally new Ranked play system and it looks very solid. Season 1 will start in all regions on June 14th 2016.
Heroes of the Storm League tiers

Heroes of the Storm League tiers

New League Tiers

The current Ranked system is very simple and similar to that of Hearthstone’s. There are a total of 50 ranks, with the top being rank 1. Heroes of the Storm deserved something more complex and accurate; a system that offers everyone an incentive to improve, regardless of if they are casual or hardcore players.

Much like League of Legends (or almost every MOBA for that matter), the player base will be dispersed into different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grand Master. Each tier from Bronze to Diamond is then broken down into 5 divisions. Being in the first division means you are close to ascending into the next tier. But if you find yourself in Silver 5, there is a chance to be demoted back into Bronze 1. It has not been specified how many points are required to be promoted, but once you hit that magic number, you will be asked to play a Promotion match. Winning this game will move you on to the next tier! Note that the same system is used in case of demotion.

Master League Tier Grand Master League Tier

The Top Tier

For the top competitive players, additional tools were needed to provide each player with an easy way to keep track of their progression against other top players. Instead of having 5 divisions, the Master badge simply displays the total ranked points players have accumulated so far as a Master, allowing them to directly see where others stand. The Grand Masters are the top 500 players of each region, so the badge simply displays your position in the ranking. It is the ultimate goal for most competitive players. Staying on the top is no easy task and Grand Masters will have to constantly fight to keep their place, since you can fall from the top 500 at any time. Note that the ranks will be updated on a daily basis.


Additional Information

Since communication is the key to success in Hero League, silenced players are no longer able to join that type of game. This small change should improve the general attitude of players who may otherwise be toxic.

In an attempt to balance the matchmaking even more, you will only be able to duo queue with a player of similar rank. For example, a player in the Platinum League can only team up with a player in Gold, Platinum, or Diamond League.

Heroes of the Storm Preseason Portraits


Heroes of the Storm Preseason mounts


At the end of every season, player who have invested time and effort in the Hero League will be rewarded based on the rank they reached. The rewards will most likely be exclusive portraits, gold, and mounts, but there could also be a possibility for skins. Even if preseason is technically not an official season, Blizzard decided to reward our patience with some epic loot. The rewards are based on your rank, but anybody who is at least rank 50 will get a little something. You can read Blizzard’s Blog to know exactly what you should win.

Some massive changes are coming for the Nexus in early July. A brand new Hero League system will allow a start fresh and give you a better idea of how skilled you are. Heroes of the Storm’s first season is also on its way, bringing with it cool portraits and mounts. Are you as hyped as we are?

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