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A large update for Rocket League is releasing on September 28th, which will improve player experience. Features such as new banners, an in-game tournament system, party system, event system, local area network (LAN) matches, director mode, and more are coming in the autumn update.

New Banners

In the game, banners don’t suggest anything significant to spectators or opponents. Psyonix set out to improve the feature by changing the look and information provided, which will allow players to show off their accomplishments without item customization. Previously, players used special wheels designed for each rank in the game. However, this left players with a decision to either use the rank rewards to show their accomplishments, or use items earned from crates. By adding these new banners, a player’s rank will be shown in the shot replay without taking away different item customization options. This banner can be color customized as well.

Rocket League In-Game Tournament Beta

Amongst other exciting updates to Rocket League is a new in-game tournament system. Community organizations will soon be able to set up brackets directly inside the game without needing other websites. That said, it’s not going to be included in the autumn update on September 28th. Psyonix has said that the beta version of this new tournament system ideally will launch by the end of 2017. At first, this will run through Steam and then through other platforms once the bugs are fixed.

Party System

A new party system will be added to Rocket League. Psyonix has said the following:

We will also be testing a new Party System that we’re building directly into Rocket League.When finished, this new system will allow you to party up directly via PsyNet instead of the party systems currently used through Steam, Xbox Live, or the PlayStation Network. Our first test(s), however, will be limited to Steam players.

If a person’s account is set up for the new party system, the game will automatically give options to play with friends. A party invite will no longer be given through Steam and will appear within the Rocket League client.

Event System

Also new to Rocket League is an event system where players enter games to earn car customizations. A ‘decryptor’ will have a chance to drop after playing in online matches which will act as a key to open crates. There is no indication of the drop rate for this decryptor, but players will know more once the update goes live.

Local Matches

Local Area Network (LAN) events are difficult to set up, so Psyonix has taken a burden off of organizers. In the Rocket League client, a new feature will be added specifically for LAN events. This will negate the need use Challonge or Smash.gg, which are external websites used to set up tournament brackets.

Director Mode

Viewers have often complained about camera settings in a tournament. Psyonix has heard the criticism and will be including a new ‘director’ camera setting. Part of the reason that fans complained was due to the limitations of the camera and the spectators’ ability to follow good plays. Often, a spectator would use a combination of the auto cam setting and the player view. Director mode will automatically follow gameplay through an AI, allowing spectators to focus on other things, like casting. Much like most new features, use of this mode is optional and will be included in the autumn update.

The Final Shot on Goal

There are many other new additions to the September 28th update, like the standardization of Starbase Arc and Wasteland arenas. A new car, boost options, and toppers will also be added to Rocket League. For more information, take a look at the official website for a complete list of additions.

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All images belong to Psyonix. Special thanks to Jawfy for the banner picture. 

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