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Designed by Spiritwalk Games, Shardbound is a new collectible card game (CCG). The game mixes classic elements of deck building with more tactical aspects like battlefields and unit movement.


Players carry out their tactics on battlefields like the Broken Mesa, featuring high ground and immovable boulders with player-controlled heroes. Each player spawns at one end of the map with a champion and a deck of cards. Much like Hearthstone, players gather mana every turn. This mana allows you to cast spells or summon minions. The objective is simple – be the first to kill the enemy hero.

The Broken Mesa Battleground

The Shard System

With both PvE campaign and PvP modes available, Shardbound has a unique approach to progression and teamwork. Players have a home “shard” equipped with utilities like a deck builder and, more importantly, the “observatory.” Using the observatory, a player can spawn in a new shard with its own unique quests and missions to complete.

Every shard has a “vault.”

This vault unlocks by completing missions, which then rewards all players who participated with loot.

In addition to the shards, each player can be a member of a “House,” similar to guilds or clans in other games. Houses create groups of players who want to clear shards together or form communities. However, a player can only be a member of one House at a time.

Twitch Integration

Shardbound has paved the way to an interactive and immersive experience for Twitch viewers and streamers alike. With Twitch integration, it allows streamers to create and maintain Houses, spawn new shards for themselves and viewers and complete bonus quests granting additional rewards.

Not only can streamers and viewers fight together and quest together, but they can also easily share deck templates and armies! Also, players can challenge streamers to special one-versus-one matches under a particular rule set, such as the challenger using a deck provided by the streamer.

About Shardbound

Shardbound receives its funding through its Kickstarter page, with a pre-alpha access key priced at $10. The game will continue in pre-alpha until further notice, with a Steam platform release planned before July 2017. Be sure to check the Spiritwalk Games and Shardbound Twitter accounts and check the website to stay tuned for further details!

Shardbound images belong to Spiritwalk Games.

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