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Planetside 2 is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter that was published by Daybreak Games. The game consists of large continental territories, a robust class system, vehicle warfare and a lengthy list of weaponry. Planetside Battle’s (PSB) goal is to unite the Planetside 2 competitive community and hold large tournaments and events. Lanzer is an active administrator in the Planetside Battles community and he answers a few questions for us.

What is the mission of Planetside Battles?
Planetside Battles’ mission is to embrace the competitive side of Planetside 2, allowing the community to take advantage of the highly competitive side of Planetside 2.

How long has Planetside Battles been around?
Planetside Battles started in 2014. There were three people responsible for the birth of Planetside Battles: Lanzer, Dotz0r and All3lujah. Everyone brings different experiences to the table. Dotz0r was organizing European public matches, Lanzer was organizing large-scale outfit vs outfit matches, and Lujah had ideas for how the matches should be structured and broadcasted.Two tankings firing at each other

What inspired you to create Planetside Battles? How did you help with the Guinness World Record for Planetside 2?
For a while, Planetside had a very small competitive scene. We wanted to create a bigger community for Planetside 2 and showcase the explosive warfare that thousands of players experienced every day on a grand scale. Our goal was to bring as many people as we could within the entire game community and host a large-scale competition. The community had a thirst for larger scale battles (240v240) than what was currently being offered at the time (12v12). Daybreak (then Sony Online Entertainment) helped us obtain the Guinness World Record by liaising with Guinness and offering us use of a private server. We ended up breaking the record for “Most Players Online in a Single FPS Battle,” with 1,158 people. To find out more about this visit Planetside Battles. We established a monument to the event, which can be found here.First person view while riding on a tank

What is the future of Planetside Battles?
We’re currently looking to schedule more tournaments and grow our average matches beyond 240v240. We have been investing resources and expanding into the armor/air side of PVP in Planetside 2 (ArmorSide consists of bringing vehicles to battle, AirSide is bringing warplanes to battle), and LaneSmash (a lane within the map where one team faces another team).

Do you have anything else you would like to say?
I am extremely grateful to the community and the volunteer staff. They take time out of their day in order to help this be a huge success. As a whole we’re proud to have such a great team behind our back. We’re extremely happy that the developers decided to provide us resources to make these matches much easier to host. Thank you for taking the time to interview us!


You can find both Lanzer and the community on Twitter: @ps2battles and @mrLanzer. Their website is http://www.planetsidebattles.org.

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