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Overwatch has had a shadow lurking around it for some time now. Protocolo Sombra at LumeriCo, a few countdowns, and an espresso machine has all lead to this — Sombra, the Mexican native hacker elite has left the screens and the shadows to start doing field work of her own.


Bienvenido a Overwatch, Sombra!

Sombra has been officially announced at BlizzCon and she is even playable if you are at the event. A malicious hack that takes over the BlizzCon video screens transitioning into Sombra’s animated short is what led to her announcement, showing off everything from her origin story to her kit as well. It’s been a long wait to get here, and it looks like it is worth it.



Sombra is an offensive hero, centered around her various disruption tactics with hacking and the EMP ultimate and extreme mobility with her invisibility and her “Translocator”, which allows her to teleport to where ever she threw it. Looking at her ability preview video (below) it seems like you’ll be doing a lot of flanking with her, so supports need to watch out for your deadly machine pistol.


As for her origin story, some we see in this video and the rest we experienced through the ARG the community involved themselves in for multiple months. This all led up to the animated short shown at BlizzCon where we see Sombra has joined Talon but has her own motives for her plans.


Sass. Stealth. And SMGs, Sombra has it all. She’s a very interesting character with a cool design that I’m sure everyone is itching to try out in the field of battle. Watch out for the full Sombra teams when she goes live in a few weeks after being next weeks PTR rotation.


We’ll see more of the Hispanic infiltrator in due time, but for now, we have to wait a little bit longer to get our hands on her.

It’s about time Sombra showed up.

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