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Recently a post on the Blizzard forums have sent Overwatch’s ARG Community back into action. Upon visiting the forum post, you’re met with purple font and a message in Spanish from somebody named “Skycoder” and an icon that looks like a skull you’d see in a Day of the Dead parade.


The message translates to “which has the information ; has the power” which is a message we’ve seen before or something similar in the ARG. The post itself appears to be counting down, starting at 21 hours. After staying on the page for a bit everything starts glitching out, and a picture of Reaper appears for a little bit and then another box pops up showing a whole bunch of code, and apparently that code has already been translated into a video.




The video reveals this image, could it be Sombra or Ana in disguise?

Other things to point out is nobody has found anything on the new map, Eichenwalde, yet that points to Sombra, and the “Skycoder” account has 825 posts as well. Maybe there is something to look at there or maybe it’s a dead end. But then again, grabbing straws has been going on the whole ARG. The name “Skycoder” is a nod to that as everyone though that there was a “Skycode” on El Dorodo but it was just something to do with image fracturing of the images they used for the sky. But the community made some really cool tunes out of what they got from it.

Hopefully soon we’ll get some answers and maybe Sombra will even hit the PTR! Until then, stay guessing agents.

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