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Sonic the Hedgehog is Back

Believe the hype. Sonic Mania is a good Sonic the Hedgehog title. Kudos to Sega.

Our favorite blue hedgehog has seen his share of releases that most of us want to bury out in a New Mexican landfill. Not this time though! Sonic Mania has delivered on recreating the classic 2D experience.

A Thank You to the Developers

Christian “Taxman” Whitehead was the lead programmer along with developers Headcannon and PagodaWest Games.

They have a reputation for making ports and fan content for the Sonic games. It’s extremely clear how much passion they put into this game. Speaking of which, let’s talk about gameplay.

Simplicity is Better

True to being a remaster of the classic games, Sonic Mania adds nothing unreasonable to the controls and game mechanics. No metamorphosis under a full moon or swords.

Sonic Mania remains faithful to the confines of the Sega Genesis, which leaves the player to run, jump and spin their way to the bosses and bonus stages. The levels overall are not as simple as they appear, however. Several different paths can take you to your objective by alternate means.

Along the way, you will encounter enemy traps and the new bonus stages in particular. Admittedly, they do feel somewhat out of place in the 2D world. They give you a small break in the action for fun puzzles and races against the clock.

The new and old levels blend well with the enhanced sprite work. There are slight additions to old levels and all while retaining the classic style with the newer levels.

A vast majority of the game won’t feel like just sitting and watching a blue ball on a roller coaster. Even during those moments, players will be on the edge of their seats just waiting to see where this wild ride takes them.

Worth the Purchase

If you love retro style games, this is an auto include for your digital collection.

The game is now out for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29. It is only $20, so I couldn’t recommend this enough.

That’s not to say this game doesn’t have some faults. I’ve encountered small situations that are more like glitches than traps, but they are rare events. For instance, there could be hatches that will not open properly during the faster-paced moments, forcing me to reset.

Watch the release trailer to get a feel for the game without any spoiler content. You’ll love the surprises the game contains.

Sonic images belong to Sega.

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