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Space Wars follows an epic conflict in the year 2190 between four races: Sol Imperial Worlds, Genari United Empires, Ma’Alaketh Confederation and The Hive. Each race’s playstyle calls for distinct strategies.  No group is inherently evil, but all strive for more power to ensure the survival of their species.

From Bard Game to Video Game

This year at PAX West I had a chance to check out Space Wars in person and I’m extremely interested in seeing how the game pans out. After talking with Rob Simyar, and I was blown away by the time and effort put into Space Wars. When I asked how long the game has been in production, he pulled out a notebook filled cover to cover in notes. The core mechanics started as a board game that he made as a young boy.

The Map

Space Wars plays out like a galactic expansion race, where zones are fought for each season. Within your territory, you have access to shops and are safe from most combat. The A rough draft of the galactic borders.battles take place along the borders between the races. This leaves players with the choice of when and where to dive into PvP.
Fighting takes place in each zone and is done on a tactical style board. Each side has ships that can join or flee until victory has been achieved, and while it is turn-based, players can join the battle at any time to help their side win. The MMO mechanics really start to shine through as players band together to help defend and attack different parts of their territories.


The area in which battle takes place can scale from small spaces to large-scale maps. Depending on where you are in space, you can also encounter asteroids for cover, ion storms that destroy shields and many more environmental mechanics. During combat, you choose which direction to charge your shields and weapons, so positioning around these obstacles is key.
A typical battle map, where the player has just destroyed an enemy ship.

Upgrading and Progress

                                                                               As you fight for your race to take over the galaxy you will upgrade your crew and purchase new A ship docked at a space station, where new ships can be purchased.ships. With a plethora of ships for each race, there’s always something bigger and better on the horizon to work towards. Each time you upgrade to a new ship, a new crew has to be trained though, as the captain is your only constant. Since each crew is different, you’ll have to find the right fit for you.
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