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During E3, Respawn and EA announced to standby for Titanfall 2, which will be coming globally on October 28th 2016. It’ll return for Xbox One and PC, but surprisingly it is coming to Playstation 4 as well. The highly anticipated sequel builds on to the greatness of the original Titanfall.

In the first Titanfall, the campaign, was just multiplayer games with some dialogue. Titanfall 2 will be brandishing a completely single-player campaign. It is the story of a lonely rifleman who dreams of being an elite pilot. Our rifleman ends up behind enemy lines with a titan who’s pilot was killed in action to finish a mission neither of them where meant to be on.


Titan BT7274 and Rifleman Jack Cooper

For the ever-so exciting multiplayer, Respawn is coming back with 6 new titans, deeper pilot abilities, more customization options, and a new progression system that is sure to satisfy.

You can preorder Titanfall 2 on Titanfall.com to get your boots on The Frontier battleground first, and for those who want some immediate options to make your new Titan chassis looking good, you can opt in for the Deluxe Edition to give you some nice customization options on launch.

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