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Lux isn’t the only Star Guardian anymore!

Lux CroppedRiot Games has released a new line of Star Guardian skins to accompany our favorite light-bending sorceress! To complete the set Riot has added Lulu, Poppy, Janna, and Jinx  to the magical girl mix-up. To announce the new skins, Riot launched a new web page with a four-part short story that creates an alternate universe for the Star Guardians along with quotes, profiles, ability previews, and downloadable splash art for each girl. (No it isn’t a big mash-up this time, they each have their own splash for your “best girl” needs.)

There is no information on price or release date as of yet, but expect them soon as full ability previews already exist but the web page is full of fun information and images to hold us over until our new Star Guardians are ready for action.

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