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Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 has come to and end, and with it came loads of new information on Star Wars Battlefront II. The previous title, released in 2015, received a lot of criticism due to a lack of a campaign and co-op options. It looks like the folks over at EA took that to heart and are delivering just that this time around.

Campaign Mode

We’re introduced to our newest protagonist in the Star Wars universe, Iden Versio, an Imperial special forces unit part of Inferno Squadron. (Notably, a book about Inferno Squad is releasing in July, which will include more about their unit).  In following along with Iden, players will get a unique perspective into the Star Wars universe. It’s time to explore how the events in the movies have effected the troopers on the ground when the Death Star II blew up above Endor.

A common theme in Star Wars in the balance of the Light and Dark, and how tightly they are connected and balanced. However, despite the common themes of being in the perspective of the Light Side/Jedi, we are put into the perspective of the Imperial side of the famous conflict of the Death Star II exploding. Humanizing the enemy and showing their point of view is one of my favorite aspects of Star Wars. After following along with Jedi and rebels, seeing things from an Imperial troopers’ point of view is refreshing.


The 2015 Battlefront release didn’t have many co-op play options. Survival mode might’ve tided you over for a few hours, but there weren’t many times where you would play through again with a friend. Battlefront II changes that by making co-op worth playing multiple times over. Playing with your friends locally will now provide rewards that you can take to online.


Classes are making a comeback in multiplayer this time around as well. Players will get to choose between four different trooper classes: Officer, Assault, Heavy, and Specialist. Each one brings a unique feel and play style similar to the original Battlefront titles. This should aid greatly in balancing out teams to make sure all roles are filled.

Heroes And Villains From Across All Eras

In the trailer, you can see heroes and villains including Kylo Ren, Rey, Darth Maul and Yoda. EA has confirmed that these characters and many more will be able to be played and played against in the upcoming title. These iconic characters will even have unique and upgradeable abilities to make them really stand out.


The hero and villains aren’t the only ones getting the upgrade treatment. Both troopers and starfighters will have upgrades and customization options via a progression system. Jumping up to the Deluxe Edition pre-order gives you a leg up by providing a few upgrades right out gate. This goes above and beyond upgrades to troopers only in the previous title.

Wrap Up

Before the end of the event, EA confirmed that the game will release on November 17th, 2017. Pre-ordering the Deluxe edition will release three days earlier if you can’t wait to get your hands on the game. Check out the official site for more information. If you missed the Celebration event, you can catch up on that here.

For those collectors out there, GameStop has also announced a Black Series figure of an Inferno Squadron pilot, as seen below.

If you haven’t seen the official trailer, it’s a good glimpse at what they have in store.

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