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At long last, the wait is finally over – Sun Wukong, the Monkey King for Dota 2 has arrived in style.

Sun WukongAlongside a MASSIVE 7.00 patch update for Dota 2 as a whole, Monkey King’s introduction to the game is significant for a variety of reasons.

In fact, he is the first hero implemented who is not a port character from the original Warcraft III: Frozen Throne map mod. After all, this mod launched the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre into popularity as we know today. Secondly, it has been more than three months since the last hero, Underlord, joined the Dota 2 roster as a new character.

So let’s swing right into his skill kit, shall we?

Not Your Ordinary Monkey

Without a doubt, this hero will be a real beast by just looking at his skillset. This monkey has damage, ranged attacks, crowd control, mind games, maneuverability, illusion creation and much more capabilities beyond the surface. After all, these are just his abilities by themselves. One also has to factor in item builds, synergies with other heroes and other tactics. The possibilities become endless.

As with every new character, you have to take each hero with a grain of salt. Over time, players will discover how to maximize this hero’s full potential. Regardless, expect Monkey King to be fought over as a pick during this patch. Guaranteed.

Boundless Strike
Boundless Strike
Monkey King enlarges his staff and slams it against the ground, stunning enemies in a line and dealing a critical strike based on his attack.


Tree Dance

Tree Dance
Monkey King leaps along the treetops, looking for his next chance to spring into the fight. Provides the Primal Spring ability.




Primal Spring

Primal Spring
From his hidden vantage in the treetops, Monkey King leaps into combat, slowing and damaging any enemies in the area of impact based on how long he channeled.


Jingu Mastery

Jingu Mastery
Monkey King charges his legendary staff with power as he strikes his enemies, gaining bonus damage and lifesteal for a limited number of attacks.



An innate power, Monkey King changes his form to deceive his enemies, using his surroundings as inspiration for the disguise.


Wukong's Command

Wukong’s Command
Monkey King blows a tuft of fur onto the battlefield, summoning a formation of monkey soldiers to join him in the fight.

Fitting for a King’s Welcome

For this momentous occasion, Valve is going all out for Monkey King’s release. He gets his own comic, in-game terrain inspired by his journey, a unique Arcana item that enhances his form with spiffy effects and his very own Announcer Pack.TerrainEspecially for the Arcana item, buying it comes with a slew of amazing, worthwhile bonuses:

– New base model and texture
– Custom particle effects for Monkey King’s Primal Spring ability
– Dynamic Style that changes according to the level of Wukong’s Ultimate
– A cloud-riding run animation when traveling vast distances in a short period of time
– Altered Voice and additional voice responses for style changes and cloud animation
– Custom Hero Portrait
– Arcana Loading Screen
– Custom Taunt
– Custom Emoticon

Overall, it is safe to say the hype is real. With Monkey King joining the hero roster, along with this whole 7.00 patch for Dota 2, these additions will go down in the game’s history as one of the most significant updates ever.

So, Dota 2 fans, do not miss out.

All Dota 2 images belong to Valve.

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