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During the annual Apple event on Wednesday September 7th 2016, Nintendo’s CEO, Miyamoto appeared on stage to share the surprising news we’re all going to ogle over. Super Mario Run is coming to iOS on the iPhone and iPad this holiday season in December 2016.


CrxJFO7UsAEBVS2.jpg largeSuper Mario Run is a mobile game that will be the first official Nintendo mobile game to hit the App Store. Players will play as our beloved Mario jumping and running through side scrolling levels, classic. Using basic controls, when you tap, Mario will hurdle over obstacles and enemies collecting his coins and power-ups making his way to the end level flag! Nintendo is stirring up nostalgia by bringing back a classic but now in our hands on our iPhone’s and iPad’s.

There was mention of a different gaming modes with playing against or with friends. Super Mario Run will be coming to the App Store at a price with no in-app purchases. We cannot wait for Super Mario Run to arrive!

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