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 If you haven’t played The Walking Dead (TWD) Telltale Games series, keep reading below if you don’t mind some spoilers from Season 2. 

Walking Dead Season 2

Flashback to the little but slightly matured Clementine in Season 2 two years ago. We’ve waited two years to hear solid news from Telltale Games about the series’ third installation and the news is everything we could ever hope for. Clementine is back, we have full confirmation from Telltale Games’ very own Job Stauffer and Laura Perusco to back us up.

We left Clementine at the end of Season 2 with a wound from trying to break up a fight between Jane and Kenny over baby A.J. (Rebecca & Alvin’s son) whom to Kenny’s knowledge was in danger. Depending on the player, Jane or Kenny’s fate was decided at Clementine’s hand. In the end, Jane can disappoint her or Kenny can regain Clementine’s trust. Being the incredibly smart girl she is, Clementine decides if she wants to go with Jane/Kenny and baby A.J. or go alone with baby A.J (depending on the player’s in-game decision). There are a view variations of Season 2 Episode 5’s final decisions that play out different scenes. All of which left some players in tears and depressed for a few weeks.

In 2016, during an announcement at E3 Sunday June 12th, The Walking Dead Season 3 was announced for this upcoming Fall with a new character by Clementine’s side. This so-called trusty ‘friend’, Javier joins the series, he hasn’t appeared in the book comics or in the series before. “He’s been through a lot and he is central to this story. He is absolutely important to what’s going on,” Stauffer said during the reveal on Sunday. “This is very much a new story as much as it is a continuation,” Perusco said of the season. Being a die-hard fan of Telltale’s Walking Dead, I’m protective of Clementine and anyone that isn’t Lee, Kenny or even Luke is a stranger to me unless proven otherwise. Luckily, according to Telltale’s blog, players will have the opportunity to play both Clementine & Javier, how that will be determined is one of the many details Telltale is keeping secret until we can get our hands on the game this Fall.
This is very much a new story as much as it is a continuation.” – Laura Perusco
Watch the sneak peek trailer below.

[youtube https://youtu.be/rmMkoJlwefk]

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