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The Division Patch 1.0.2 – Rogues Aplenty

Shooting a player to turn into a Rogue Agent.

Going Rogue gives that “thrill of the hunt” feeling.

The Division’s latest patch (1.0.2) made players hopeful that the game will become fun and exciting. Many awesome balance changes went into various areas of the game, namely the Dark Zone. After some time on the new patch, I can say that the Dark Zone is definitely worth giving another shot.

Performance Drop

I play The Division on PC and noticed rather quickly that the performance of the game has dropped. Settings were not changed from before and after the patch, but the frame rate is obviously lower in various areas. Large firefights caused the game to drop to approximately 30-40fps when it used to run at 80fps and higher consistently. The frame rate dropped significantly by simply walking into an open street. The game is still definitely playable, but be wary of what settings are on when going into the new patch. For comparison, here are my PC specs:

  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz
  • Memory: 16384MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Skill Changes

As expected, the Static Turret took a big hit with the new 5-second cooldown being added between each shot. While there is a perk that gives a chance to cause an area-of-effect stun (Fear Tactics), it still didn’t feel worthwhile to use the Static Turret. Another downfall is that the turret can be destroyed by enemies, which happens quickly against higher level enemies. The Flamethrower Turret (Dragonbreath Mod) may be more effective now, or at least worth giving a shot.

The Seeker Mines have been my preferred skill of choice especially after the patch. Prior to the patch, they had a chance to explode before they would reach enemies. With this issue fixed, the Seeker Mines do considerately more damage and feel more effective to use. They can also compete with the stun of the Static Turret, as the Seeker Mine (with the Cluster mod equipped) can hit multiple enemies and stagger them for a moment.

Dark Zone – Rogues

Rogues have been more common since the patch released on Tuesday March 22nd. The penalties for dying as a rogue and a non-rogue have been greatly reduced. Before the patch I had lost over 4,000 xp for dying to NPCs as a non-hostile agent, which felt like overkill. After I died as a rogue in the new patch, I only lost 2,800xp! Killing a rogue agent gives more experience and funds, while staying alive as a rogue agent will grant additional experience and funds the longer they survive. There is now a greater thrill playing in the Dark Zone trying to hunt down rogue agents, and also playing as one. Don’t trust anyone! You have been warned.

Dark Zone – Loot Drops

High-end (Gold rarity) loot hasn’t been seen dropping very often before patch 1.0.2 was released. Gold loot now has a chance of dropping from chests that require a Dark Zone key, and they have a higher chance of dropping from level 31-32 named bosses in the Dark Zone. After only about 5-6 hours in the Dark Zone with 3 total members, we have seen about 12 gold items drop collectively! This was a huge bump from the total 3 gold items we had collectively acquired after at least 20 hours of Dark Zone time before patch 1.0.2 was released.

High-End loot drops more often from level 31-32 bosses in patch 1.0.2

High-End (Gold) loot is more common among level 31-32 named bosses in the latest patch


Performance has taken a bullet after the patch, so be sure to check the settings after updating. The Static Turret got a cooldown added between each shot and now seems nearly useless. Using the Seeker Mines feels much more beneficial to use all-around. Greater rewards are given for staying alive as long as possible while rogue. Players don’t lose an arm and a leg in experience for dying as a rogue or non-hostile agent. Do not fear death. Gold items have an insanely higher drop rate in comparison to before patch 1.0.2. Hunt down the level 31 and 32 named bosses and start collecting those shiny gold items.

All images taken from Tom Clancy’s The Division are property of Ubisoft.

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