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Naughty Dog’s latest Uncharted 4 trailer!

Naughty Dog. You hear their name and it conjures up flashbacks of crowd-favorite games: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, The Last Of Us, and of course, Uncharted. They’re known for their stunning visuals, heart-racing action scenes, and breath-taking storyline. When it comes to their latest trailer for Uncharted 4, it’s certainly no exception.


Nathan Drake, his brother Sam, and many other familiar faces return to depict what is presumably the final teaser trailer before the game’s release on April 26, 2016. Right off the bat, we hear the confident, yet urgent-sounding voice of the younger version of Sam as he speaks to Nathan about their destiny. Beautiful scenery and landscapes capture our attention as Naughty Dog shows off bits and pieces of the expansive world that players will be able to explore. Surprisingly, that’s not the most captivating aspect in the trailer.

We’ve always seen Drake as a treasure-hunting daredevil, tempting the fates as he searches for the next big thing. This time around, everything has changed. Instead of simply wrestling with enemies or wrestling to discover his past, we see him wrestling with himself. He fights with his emotions, his judgement, and whether he’s made the right choices in life. We see the threads start to unravel as he desperately tries to decide what he wants to call his destiny. Does he keep accepting the call to adventure by aiding his long-lost brother? Or is loving Elena, his friends, and holding onto what he calls home enough of a treasure for him?


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