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Overwatch players who wish to improve their gameplay can do so by following these easy tips:

Tip 1: Watch people who are better than you play.

Skills that take hours of playing to figure out can be observed through various sites such as Twitch and YouTube.

That amazing team kill Mei pulled off on her own or that Widowmaker that was just too good? These players have taken the time to polish their understanding of these characters to push them to their limits. The best part about this is many players upload their best plays to YouTube and stream their matches to Twitch.tv. By watching other players that know the tricks of the game, you yourself can practice and harness those match-winning plays.

Here are some videos that are useful resources:

Soldier 76

Tip 2: Read up and research.

There have been a number of Overwatch guides written by closed beta players here at EloTalk. They help cover the basics as well as counters/synergizing heroes:

There are also some great resources online for FPS games since they’ve been around for quite a while. For example, this article was written 5 years ago is still very relevant and covers key aspects about teamwork, prioritization of objectives, and many other key fundamentals that most beginners don’t focus on.Overwatch

Tip 3: Practice.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Once you know how you would like to play your characters, work on the skills needed to master what you have in mind. Mistakes will be made, but don’t take those as failures. Everyone has bad games and everyone has good games, it doesn’t matter what level you are. By approaching the game with the mindset of wanting to have fun / wanting to improve your performance, you will succeed.

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