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Welcome to the jam! Rocket League’s newest update which adds a new basketball-style game mode arrives on April 26th 2016.

The free update features the new game mode, Hoops, that takes the game from the ground to the air. Players will have to hit the ball into the air, before trying to “shoot” the ball into the basket. The ball cannot pass through the net underneath the hoop, but cars can. The hoop is very large and will likely be very difficult to defend against. Expect high scoring games, as long as players can perform aerial hits.

A car hitting the ball in mid-air to shoot into a large basket.

It will take fancy aerial hits to score in the Hoops game mode


There will be an optional Rocket League – NBA Flag Pack ($1.99) for purchase which will give players a flag for each NBA team to use as an antenna. Don’t worry, everyone gets the NBA logo flag in the update for free!

Another bonus antenna included in the update is the Witcher medallion from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, available for use on applicable vehicles.

The official Rocket League Hoops trailer has been “fixed” to feature a well-known and thematic song. Thanks Reddit user “theonogo!”

All videos and images taken from Rocket League are property of Psyonix.

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