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It’s been over 2 years since Respawn Entertainment‘s first baby dropped out of the sky via the biggest stork you can imagine. Mechanized exosuits suits, free movement and a slew of bad-ass weapons made the game something special in an otherwise stale genre. Now Respawn has teased their worldwide reveal for Titanfall 2.


The teaser pushes us through what seems to be a jungle floor. A creature crawls across a fallen tree and a drop pod comes into focus before us. A voice-over warns us not to try so hard to be a hero for our own safety. The drop pod begins to open while a Titan walks in from the foliage and thrusts a sword into the earth. Definitely hype inducing because SWORD.

Titanfall came at a time when first person shooters were suffering. Call of Duty was a cookie cut version of it’s past self, Battlefield 4 didn’t live up to the hype, and any others were good but not great. Consisting of 80% of the recently resigned Infinity Ward employees, Respawn created one of the best FPS games at the time. It was fast, different, and above all else it was fun. The only real downside was the game had no dedicated single-player campaign. While it did have a loose story that you learned during multiplayer, it definitely wasn’t anything to write home about.

I enjoyed Titanfall but it didn’t keep my interest longer than a month. I loved wall running and it was SO satisfying dropping my titan on an enemy but a campaign using all of the multiplayer features would’ve taken the game to a whole other level for me. I’m hoping the sequel can put a spark back into the property and capture me again.

Titanfall 2’s world premiere will on June 12th.



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