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Sims 4 has been updated, it was revealed that our wacky real-life simulator now has an even smaller bunch of children waddling around. Toddlers have finally arrived in Sims 4 after two years of waiting, along with a slew of new furniture and items just for them.

The quirky patch notes reveal that toddlers have about just as much customization as your average sim. (Yes, that means alien kiddos are a possibility) You get these little monsters into your household either through create-a-sim or more… “conventional” means after they grow up after birth. However, unless you have aging turned off, you’re only going to enjoy this little monster for 9 days.

Sims 4 - toddlers

There are also plenty of ways to interact with the new small boy or girl. They have a bunch of general toddler interactions. Like asking you to do everything for them, typical. In addition, there are multiple new items to keep your toddler entertained from books to tablets, if you can keep them from misbehaving and doing things like playing in your toilet instead.

The toddlers are now in Sims 4! So go create-a-sim or get really friendly and cozy with another sim and make your own!

P.S. Toddlers are fireproof, so don’t even try, you monster.

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