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World of Warcraft Legion has been out for a week now already! Many players already reached level 110 and got to try a lot of the new content. However, if you are still unsure about playing or not, here are 10 reasons that it’s truly worth the time and money!

1 – Beautiful Zones

One of the first things that the players get to experience is the new zone. They are all beautifully designed and filled will hidden treasures. The world feels completely open and players get to choose where they want to start their adventure, which means we are not limited to one starting zone! Also, unlike other expansions, there isn’t a zone with an Alliance/Horde base since Dalaran is everyone’s home in Legion. Visually, the zones are some of the best designed environment for the World of Warcraft team. Suramar is a highly detailed zone with its giant city. However, my personal favorite is Val’shara; a dense forest filled with Elvish inspired buildings and where nature takes over.Val'Sharah screenshot, world of warcraft

2 – Return of the Illidari

Even if there are still debates considering the Demon Hunter’s balance in the game, most of us were excited for their release! This class based on high mobility is extremely fun to play. They have an important role in Legion and who isn’t happy to see Illidan again? When you start a Demon Hunter in Legion, the beginning of their story starts in Burning Crusade, on top of the Black Temple. You learn about Illidan’s sacrifice before going on your mission to fight against the powerful Legion. The Demon Hunter’s physical design is really appealing, with a variety of tattoos available, colors, horns and blindfold. Enough to make everyone happy!Screenshot of a group of demon hunters of the illidari

3 – Demons and creatures of the Nightmare

The Demons in the invasions are already known creatures to the fans of the game. Their designs this time again are imposing, with huge armor and they are really tall in size. There is also an interesting addition to their ranks this time: the Nightmare. Since the Nightmare started taking over the creatures of the Broken Isles, the poor victims turned into tools of the Burning Legion. Their concepts are beautifully imagined with a contrast of red and black to recognize them. Even if they kept their original appearances, the vibes around those creatures are totally different. However, some of them were able to keep their sense of humor, those who fought against Oakheart in Darkheart Thicket will know what I am talking about!Screenshot of some of world of warcraft demons and creatures

4 – Artifact Weapons

Another great aspect of the game are the Artifact weapons! When they were first announced, I had my doubts about them. We all like our characters to look unique and have access to a variety of gear. However, the concept turned out to be really interesting. Each artifact has unique passive and active abilities as well as many visual designs. Which means you can build your weapon to empower your abilities and play style. Players can also unlock a variety of appearances for them! Which means that when you unlock a prestige look, it gives you something to brag about and looks badass!
Warcraft Artifact weapon death knightWoW artifcact appearences

5 – Dungeons

Dungeons are a big part of the story line in Legion. Whenever you finish a zone, the final quest leads the players to take part in a dungeon to earn their final reward, making them an important piece of the mysteries of Legion.  The dungeons themselves are each inspired by a specific zone in the current patch. Most of them feel really open and aren’t too short or lengthy. They are not really difficult on normal difficulty, but as always they become more of a challenge in heroic and mythic mode! The bosses are creatures have interesting mechanics as you grow in difficulties. Also, a small but useful addition, the portals to enter the dungeons are clearly identified on the map once you unlock them. Making it easier for pre-made groups to find them on their first time!
Legion Dungeons

6 – Honor Level and Prestige

The PvP system in Legion is much different than what it used to be. It was a topic for debate, but I think that the changes are an improvement. Honor levels work in a similar way as the levels in Overwatch, where you get a reward at the end of your level. Also, you can unlock Prestige level once you have reached the maximum level to earn more exclusive rewards. I believe that this system is really rewarding and promising!  Honor talent table with honor level

7 – The Underbelly

It’s not every player who went to explore the Underbelly of Dalaran, but it is definitely a place for PvP lovers! The zone is the sewers of Dalaran, it is where players can find the Black Market and other exclusive vendors. The interesting part in this zone however are the guards and currencies. Whenever a player kills something in the Underbelly, they earn a special currency that can be used to buy items there or pay the guards. If a player pays the guards to go on duty, the zone will be peaceful as Elite spawns. However, when the time is out and the guards go on a break, that’s when the fun starts. The zone becomes a PvP zone where players can start fighting each others for rewards, or just for fun. This zone is very fun to go in if you like PvP, go in with you friends and start hunting, but always be careful of rogues…
screenshot of the underbelly from world of warcraftscreenshot of the underbelly from world of warcraft

8 – Nostalgia

Illidan, the Lich King, Uther, the Windrunners sisters… All characters that we meet again in Legion! This is something that many fans has been asking for. Illidan being the main character to be featured in Legion is already a strong hit that got many players back into the game. However, if you get to play multiple character Hall Campaigns, you will also see other familiar faces. The Lich King and Arthas make their appearence in the Death Knight campaign, the Windrunners are a big part of the Hunter campaign, while Uther greets us in the Paladin campaign. Many more old characters come by as the story goes, but not in a way that would break the timeline! The game also brings us back to many iconic locations such as Icecrown, Medivh’s Tower, Uther’s tomb, and more! Icecrown as seen in LegionArthas in Legion

9 – Class Halls

Class Halls are nicely designed locations for each classes. They are a great addition in the game as they let the players have a place to plan their attacks, empowers their artifact and do their class campaign in an environment that fits the characters. Players can also communicate there with each other for help about quests and prepare for dungeons! The Paladin's class hall

10 – Class Campaigns

Finally, the class campaigns are one of my favorite new feature of the game! Each class gets it’s own campaign that tells a unique story. Each story is also an important part of the Legion story line. This new concept really lets the players make a quest line based on their character’s background and brings back some of our favorite NPCs and Zones! It brings forward this sense that everyone is working together to fight the Legion by finding their unique way to attack. Also, the follower system is back, but better adapted to the game. Important quests can only be done by followers (but they will take a long time to complete) and there is a limited amount of followers for each class. Also, the rewards from the missions are more directed to the players and not the followers. They include EXP, Artifact Power, item level, dungeons and raid quests and more!
warcraft portal located in the hunter's lodge
Make sure you give Legion a chance because with all of its new features and jam-packed with nostalgia, if you are an older WoW player or a new one you’re bound to have hours of fun playtime.


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