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At long last the wait is over! Psyonix has finally given players a way to build custom training exercises in Rocket League!

After months of demand, we finally got the good news today:

Thanks to software like Rocket League Trainer setting the bar, Psyonix had a pretty clear path to what needed to be done, and it seems as if they will deliver, eventually. So far the feature list looks promising:

Next Patch

Players will be able to create their scenario, give it a name, assign tags and categories, and finally select a difficulty. After that, you get to decide where your car starts, where the ball starts, and what the ball does.

What I am really excited about, will be the ability to browse, favorite, and share training exercises. I loved Rocket League Trainer, but it could be a challenge to get new training files from Reddit. Sharing will be difficult at first without the ability to sort, or search for a particular session easily, so it may be that we return to our familiar friend, Reddit. Sadly, sharing across platforms will be unavailable upon release, but Psyonix hopes to offer this soon.Training screenshot

Future Releases

Overall, this sounds like a good start to creating a nice trainer. Psyonix has a list of features they will be working on after the initial release. Some of these features include the flexibility training scenario such as starting car speeds and also:

  • Ranking System
  • Search Filters
  • Sorting Options

It seems like Psyonix took a big page out of Rocket League Trainer’s book and is really trying to integrate all of the lessons learned there. Look for the trainer to go live in the next Rocket League patch, and be sure to try it out for yourself! Personally, I can’t wait to try it out!

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