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Twitch TV continues to expand its horizons by incorporating new features, and through its constant strategic partnerships. On November 18th a new Twitch partnership between Cloud9 and Team SoloMid (TSM) was officially announced.

Twitch Partnership

Notably, both of these teams are known for their competitive ability in League of Legends. Though, Cloud9 and TSM have rosters for other games like Hearthstone, CS:GO, Smite, Vainglory, and Super Smash – just to name a few.

Cloud9 and TSM are very famous esports teams, and between them, have a variety of sponsorships with companies like Curse, Geico, Logitech, Loot Gaming, and others. These two teams give Twitch more ability to make esports the go-to spot for entertainment industry.

Courtesy of csgo-news.com

With the advent of these two teams partnering with Twitch, it is sure to be a profitable investment on both sides. Twitch will bring in a ton of revenue and accessibility for esports as a result. They’ve already partnered up with many other great businesses like the acquisition of Good Game, the partnership with Amazon Prime, and many others!

It’s no surprise that the platform wants to increase its foothold within esports. They’ve introduced new features to the site, increased the ability to support streamers through bits, and now partnered with teams. What this means for the average gamer is that Twitch is infusing the gaming industry with money. Partnering up with heavy hitters like Cloud9 and TSM makes that a reality. Combine that with the fact that many celebrities have jumped on the esports bandwagon, Twitch has a recipe for success.


Picture of TSM from 2016 Worlds (League of Legends)


Investing in esports teams like Cloud9 and TSM is a great investment for Twitch. It benefits many gamers by providing amazing live events, increased prize pools in tournaments, and boost the viewership of competitive gaming.

With that said, keep your eyes peeled for future developments because these types of partnerships are only the beginning…

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