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Twitch has always been a platform for gamers, and now with its Amazon partnership, users can now see the full benefit highlighted in their new game client.

Game Client Update

Twitch is rolling out a new client to allow users to directly buy games off their site. Partnered streamers will receive a 5% share of the revenue. Purchases over $4.99 are bundled with randomly generated Twitch crates, which can include one of the following:

  • A game-specific emote
  • A chat badge
  • A small amount of Bits

Not only will players be able to get the latest and greatest games, but they’ll be supporting their favorite streamers! Those that wish to opt into the new program can read this handy article on how to do it.


Other Points

  • Games purchased through Twitch are available worldwide
  • Payment is done through an Amazon account
  • Once the program is launched, all pricing will start in USD with other currency supprt on the way
  • Purchases made on Twitch are download through the Twitch launcher or an existing service
  • There is a sizable list of partners pioneering the program–click here to read the FAQ
  • The ability to buy games is available through all streamers, but only partners receive the 5% revenue

Final Thoughts

From a business standpoint, Twitch has made some fantastic improvements over the years. They’ve added a variety of revenue streams, created a convention for streamers, and optimized the site. While no business is ever perfect, Twitch’s advancements improve our viewing experience, and create opportunities for those who love gaming.

The future looks bright, and we want you to let us know what you think in Discord! Is this addition exciting?

Until next time.

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