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On July 5, Psyonix released an update to Rocket League in honor of their second-year anniversary.

Two-Year ‘Rocket League’ Additions

First, players will have the chance to play in an all new arena called ‘Champions Field‘ as part of the regular rotation. Other additions include new items like Rick and Morty toppers, antennas and boosts. In fact, the game now has new tracks from the partnership with Monstercat, providing music that suits the style of the game.

Also, there are two new cars in the mix. They are ‘Animus GP’ and ‘Centio V17,’ which you have to earn through the new Overdrive Crates. These new crates give the opportunity to receive animated decals, new trails and more exciting items!

The game has some more customization beyond just with toppers and flags: new custom engine sounds, goal explosions and boost trails. Some of these are free, while others come from the Overdrive Crates themselves.

With this new update, this means Season 5 begins for competitive play (and thereby ending Season 4 officially). Remember that players still receive rewards based on the highest level of rank earned.

The New UI

Along with all of the fantastic additions comes a new user interface. The ‘find match’ window received an update to have tabs that separate casual and competitive playlists. Not only that, but Rocket League will remember the last choice made.

It has a recommended server region instead of the previous ‘select all’ option. This also defaults to servers, which have good ping – that being 100ms or less.

When trading, a new popup appears with a variety of disclaimers. This way, players have the option to disable upon first viewing.

But that’s not all! While much of the content is not elaborated upon here, a full breakdown of additions and changes are on the Rocket League’s official website.

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All information is from the official press release.

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