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Remember when articles were released about The Fractured But Whole being delayed until next year? South Park’s new team additions might be one of the main reasons for the delay. We will provide the skinny on the people joining Ubisoft’s South Park team.

Photo Credit to Ubisoft

South Park New Hires

Ubisoft announced new hires to the South Park crew, and they bring a great deal of experience to the table. Each person has incredible portfolios from working on games like The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode, The Wolf Among Us, and Tales From the Borderlands.

First up we have Senior Design Director Dennis Lenart from The Wolf Among Us. This game won “Direction in a Game Cinema” from the NAVGTR Award in 2015 and was nominated for “Camera Direction in a Game Engine”. From 8 years of experience with Telltale, he is a great asset to the team. His twitter can be found here.

Second is another Senior Design Director Nick Herman. Previously he had worked on games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Tales From the Borderlands, all of which were great successes for the company. Mr. Herman is a seasoned veteran in various positions like voice acting and choreography. He earns a position on The Fractured But Whole team and can be found on twitter.

Third on the list is Narrative Director Pierre Shorette who worked on The Wolf Among Us and Tales From the Borderlands. He has done a lot of writing for both games. Also in his list of accolades is writing for Batman: The Telltale Series. He was Quality Assurance for a few other games in the early 2000’s and received thank you credits. His twitter can be found here.

Finally, Ubisoft hired Creative Producer Adam Sarasohn that worked on Tales From the Borderlands. This man has a long list of credits in game show styled games like The Hollywood Squares and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. In many of these games, he was either producer or associate producer. To follow Mr. Sarasohn’s escapades, his twitter can be found here.

The Future of South Park: The Fractured But Whole

In a YouTube video from 2015 fans can see the development team are fans. This allows for a level of detail and care befitting an amazing final product. With the creative minds from Telltale joining the Ubisoft team on this project, fans can relax. The expansion has potential to do extremely well. Delaying its launch until 2018 means that the bar will be set higher. All too often games are released under rushed deadlines, delivering incomplete and horrendous final products that should not be shipped. With this IP, The Fractured But Whole has a great chance at being a quality product upon release.

Final Thoughts

The fact that Ubisoft has publicly announced new team members to The Fractured But Whole sequel, illustrates the company’s commitment to the game. Fans are no doubt going to be thrilled with the hilarious expansion. We’re excited to see what high caliber ideas come out of the new blood.

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