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As virtual reality (VR) becomes a greater topic in the gaming realm, we are seeing more companies aiming to produce games that will send the player into new worlds and adventures. Earlier at E3 there was discussion about Bethesda releasing Fallout 4 for the HTX Vive sometime in 2017, and now we have more information about Ubisoft’s VR game, Eagle Flight.

Eagle Flight has been developed specifically for the VR platform. It allows the player to zoom across the skies of Paris as an eagle in effort to cater to our desire to fly. The player will get to see Paris’ landmarks fifty years after humans vanished and perform some sweet aerial movements in the process.

GamersGamers at E3 2016 demonstrating Eagle Flight on stage.

Up to six players will be able to fight it out in dogfights throughout Paris. Players will need to be cunning in their use of the ruined city to escape their foes for an ensured victory.

Eagle Flight will be available this Fall.

Although the game itself might seem silly, it’s a positive step forward in VR development. Now that the technology is available it’s exciting to see more companies moving the VR project forward. It’s expected that we’ll see some simple and ridiculous games being produced. However, in the future these simple games will be the milestones that will push virtual reality forward into where we hope it will be.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy “pwning” our friends as an eagle this Fall. That’s pretty rad.

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