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Blood suckers unite because in 2017 a new game called Vampyr releases! Dontnod, the same epic team based in Paris, France that brought us Life is Strange, is developing a story based game about a “vampiric” doctor.

About Vampyr

Jonathan Reid, a doctor, starts his journey in London during the Spanish Flu outbreak in the early 1900s. Players control the newly created vampire investigating the “Skal” – a hybrid vampire connected to the plague. As expected, many citizens are terrified of vampires and will attempt to kill them on site – not that they could… The player has access to a variety of different combative abilities like crushing your enemies with giant shadowed hands and teleportation via turning into a black mist! It’s sure to be a bloody good time.

vampyr-04Gameplay and Vision

Players will experience life as a vampire in this game originally revealed at E3. With Dontnod Entertainment, fans expect a story driven game much like Life is Strange. Your decisions will affect the experience and it begs the question do you let London fall or will you save it from the plague?

As Jonathan Reid, you are investigating the commonalities between the Spanish Flu and Vampirism. The journey begins in a cemetery where you casually watch a woman buried. Then you question whether or not you are dead. Lady Ashbury sends you to the monastery, where things become interesting…

Dontnod’s narrative director pushes the boundaries of morality as a vampire, allowing players to think about their choices. Decisions to kill may decrease quest givers but will give an experience gain. This allows players to think critically about their experience, creating a fascinating moral quandary. So, players get to experience what it’s like to be Illuminati or a virtual god, deciding fates from afar as a result. The game will not restrict a player from killing everyone… The choice is yours.


As an avid fan of the genre, vampire fans have plenty to look forward to. The experience is designed entirely around player decisions. If you missed it, watch the first bit of gameplay until the official release in 2017! Vampyr comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. Check out the website for updates about its release!

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