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Once locked away in a secret location, the king of espers has awoken. Bahamut… Its massive wings are spoken of as legends, not only because of their ability to roast enemies, but also because of the indomitable power they hold to fly freely between dimensions. Having awakened, this dragon reborn now takes to the skies. If Bahamut is able to fully recover its power, there will be none who can stand against it. Warriors capable of bending time and of beasts. They must push beyond their own limits, and attack relentlessly, with reckless abandon.

From Friday , May 12 at 1:00 a.m. to Thursday, May 26 at 12:59 a.m. PDT.

Shadow Bahamut (raid boss) appears in the dimensional vortex during the “Vision of Bahamut“ raid event. Inflict damage on the raid boss to reduce its max HP within the limited time. By defeating the boss, it will reappear having grown a level stronger. Depending on the results of your battle, you can receive Bahamut raid coins and event points. Collect Bahamut raid coins and event points from the raid event to obtain various rewards including limited units, recipes, materials, abilities, 5★ trust moogle and more.
Enlist the help of characters from the DRAGON KILLERS summon to defeat the Shadow Bahamut!

New units Reberta and Zyrus are on their way! Drop rates for Firion and Kain also increased!

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