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Episode 4, ‘Thicker Than Water’ does not disappoint, with a slow paced start, Episode 4 delivers tough decision making with a few cringy moments.

Heads up, there are spoilers below.

Before we dive into Episode 4, The Walking Dead left off from Episode 3 David and Javier getting thrown into a cell at the mercy of the New Frontier council. Prior to getting locked up, David puts up a fight in order to maintain his position as Head of Security for the New Frontier and based on the choices you made with Javier, things can go down hill quite a bit.

Players had the option to cooperate or let all hell break lose and blow up Javier and David’s plans of playing along. I took the latter and decided to play it cool, that decision path did not matter and left the brothers locked away and out of control anyway. Speaking of decisions, check out my decisions from Episode 3.

The Walking Dead

Earlier in the episode, we play a memory from Clementine which explains baby A.J.’s whereabouts and how Clementine became exiled from the New Frontier. The tear jerking scene was all players needed to take up a vengeful role in hopes to mold the story of Clementine through Javier, since Clementine isn’t an actual playable character.

Which leads to another point, Telltale does an incredible job of keeping Clementine close to players even though we mainly play as Javier. However, we catch an emotional glimpse by playing Clementine in her flashbacks. It’s truly impressive to witness Clementine’s emotions, actions, and choices based on Javier’s role in the series so far.

‘Thicker Than Water’ tests Javier’s well acquainted family and puts pressure on the crew in general. For a lack of better words, shit hits the fan in Episode 4.

Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown of Episode 4:

New Frontier leader, Joan is an awkward but powerful leader? Javier is barely holding it together but he’s so charming nonetheless. Clementine hits puberty and officially becomes a young woman (ahem, “aunt flow” appears for the first time). Gabe senses this (not really) but he starts to crush on Clem and it’s cute. Kate confesses her love for Javier in the cutest way. A crazy timed decision occurs and you have to decide between Tripp or Ava, crap. David comes pretty close to death and has officially lost his mind. A certain character may or may not be dead, either way, the New Frontier home has become overrun with muertos (the dead), as Javier likes to call it.

The story in this episode started out pretty slow, almost too slow. So slow at parts, browsing Twitter on the side in between cut scenes seemed more interesting. All the while, every decision point seemed crucial this time around so paying attention was a challenge, everything seemed to truly matter but as it always is with Telltale games, these episodes are rather linear regardless of choice.

In the final scenes, I found myself exiting out to the main menu before any auto-saves took place to avoid a regretful decision, somehow this series still effects me in that way. You just have to suck it up and stick to what you’ve decided, in the end you can always go back and replay. Again, this episode was short, I managed to finish the entire episode in one sitting totaling out to almost 2 hours, I got stuck on decisions while others can play through and finish in just over an hour. I added my decisions below if you’re curious to see what the community decided on as a whole.

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: A New Frontier – ‘Thicker Than Water’, Episode 4 overall was a solid episode in terms of story. Gameplay was slow and could have easily done without the filler conversations between Gabe and just about anyone including the pointless observational cut scenes – I’m looking at you “toolbox”.

In the end, Episode 4 left me shocked, uncomfortable, and on the edge of my seat in the last 15 minutes – I enjoyed it. The Walking Dead Ep. 4 is now available on the Steam store, Xbox One, and PS4, get your hands on this episode to stay up to date with the New Frontier.

TWD: Episode 4 Tests Your Patience with Tough Choices
In-depth Character DevelopmentDecisions Felt ImportantConversation Responses Felt Real
Filler ConversationsPointless Object InteractionsMissing Pivotal Story Points
6.9Slow paced but worth it
Character Development8
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