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The Walking Dead trailer for Episode 4 – ‘Thicker Than Water’ has debuted.

The episode will pick up right where Episode 3 left off, and will launch players into chaos during a rescue and escape mission gone horribly wrong.

So far, Season 3 of The Walking Dead  has been full of great content and pacing. With Episode 4 – ‘Thicker Than Water’, it seems the story will continue to get better as life at the New Frontier isn’t what Javier’s crew thought or expected.

In the ‘Thicker Than Water’ trailer, there is a glimpse of what is to come: Gabe is still a cranky teen, Clementine is taking names and numbers as she works to get A.J. back, Kate definitely doesn’t love her husband, David, and comes back for Javier after the botched getaway fail at the end of Episode 3.

With everyone on the edge, Javier’s brother, David seems to be fighting for his place in his own family and within the New Frontier.

Episode 4 of The Walking Dead – ‘Thicker Than Water’ premieres on April 25th on all platforms.

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