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Seems to me this is perfect for someone who has some rage issues, using a chair as a weapon of mass destruction? I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to destroy everything after being fired from a dreaded cubicle job. I know if I got fired you’d see me going over to the copying machine, faxing over my buttocks to every person in the building and eating all their delicious leftover food in the break room refrigerator – maybe even try to score on some co-workers I’ve been keeping my eye on. But this guy? This guy is on a whole ‘nother level.


“You are Philbert, a disgruntled office worker who has been slaving away his entire life dealing with tedious reports, spreadsheets, grueling hours of data entry, and related crap. After pouring your sweat, blood, tears (basically, your entire life) into this soul-sucking business, you’ve been summarily fired — catapulting you into a fit of pure blind rage! Charge through thousands of cubicles, fend off security, and tear down any obstacles in your path to make the boss who fired you finally pay in Office Freakout!”



I got to talk with Martyn Tranter, one of the Founders of Hollow Robot, Project Manager and Brand Designer on Office Freakout.

I’m not going to lie, I honestly cannot stop watching this video without a smile on my face. I’m always a sucker for chaotic games.
What exactly is this all about? I just see a bunch of flashing a guy named Philbert?

“Well you play Philbert, who is a stereotypical cubicle office worker who has been slaving away his entire life dealing with tps reports, spreadsheets and stuff like that. The guy poured his blood sweat and tears into the business, and one day he was fired. Triggering his rage to unleash massive destruction onto what has taken his life away. So now his goal is to fight through thousands of cubicles, security and many more obstacles that are preventing you from working your way up to the boss and finally make the man who fired you pay!”

I find that completely hilarious. The flashiness is so appealing and addictive. I know there are similar games to Office Freakout but what sets this apart?
Well what makes it different is the interactive world, physics based destruction which 90% of the games environment is completely destructible and interactive. Our rage mechanic is based on the amount of destruction you do. We have tons of weapons to unlock as well as skins, so it is never a dull moment, and if you think the environment is getting a little stale, you can unlock patterns and colors that will allow you to change the look of the items you destroy.

Colorful, destructive, full of rage, I like. I’m curious, what made you (or your team if there is one) inspire to come up with such a game as Office Freakout?
Yeah we definitely do have a team. They all come from many different backgrounds. Such as graphic design, cinematics, visual effects, film and yes video game development. They are all very talented and to us, what is more important than the game itself is our team. When we had decided to look into game concepts to develop, there were only a selected number of ideas we were considering to pursue. A lot of them were simulators, but we were namely wanting to create a game that hasn’t necessarily been done before and if it has, it would have its own original spin on it. Then after one of our team members suggested the idea of an office game that piqued our interest more than the rest. Which ultimately became Office Freakout, which was code named “Office Simulator” before we branded it. The game hit many stages, and in all honesty the game turned out a lot different than we anticipated. Our team managed to evolve the game into something we are proud of because we did end up hitting our original goal. Which was to create something different. During development we took inspiration from many people we know personally who have worked in offices and from common office terminologies, movies and more. Resulting in an over-the-top, exaggeratedly unorthodox but funny game. We feel the game has turned into a great outlet for office workers and gamers in general to relieve the stress they may have at their jobs and to simply enjoy the core of the game. While getting a laugh or two.

That’s so cool and interesting by taking inspiration from people personally working in cubicle settings and just over exaggerating it. Comedic, that is for sure. But I have a question, what’s up with the “Golden Poo”?
Haha I was hoping I would not have to answer this one. It was an inside joke on me. Granted the fact, there are a lot of jokes we throw around and it ended up being a combination of them. Our art director would call me Golden Poo Martini (Do not ask me why I have no idea haha). But he would call me that all the time as a joke of course (He is obsessed with Golden Poos which nobody knows why either), but it kind of stuck and everyone loved its comical nature so much we ended up putting it in the game as a reward for the player.

LOL that’s great, well thank you for sharing that with us! Last and final question, what would you want to tell people who are interested in buying and trying out the game? Speaking of that, how much is it? I don’t see a price on Steam yet.
Give it a try! I sincerely hope you like it, the games comical nature should give you a few laughs. But more importantly there are a lot of people who have stressful jobs these days who we hope can use this game as a way of therapy to relieve some stress. Which we feel raging in a game is a great avenue for that. The game will be released on Steam September 27th and will be $11.99 with a 20% off discount for the first week so be sure to grab it while its on sale!

I know I’m definitely going to try it, thank you so much for your time and thanks for being apart of EloTalk!
Not a problem!

So there we have it boys and girls! Launching on Tuesday September 27th, Office Freakout will be available on Steam. This new up and coming indie FPS simulation follows the termination of Philbert from his cubicle job he’s spent so many years in. The world is your oyster when it comes to customization as you progress (annihilate) through 25 levels of cubicles for revenge! Be ready to rage and DESTROY EVERYTHING.


Image & Video Copyrights of Hollow Robot LLC

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