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Get ready to compete —the Overwatch Summer Games are here! This seasonal event introduces Summer Games Loot Boxes with over 100 different cosmetic items and a new game mode: Lucioball!overwatch_summer_games

This event lasts from August 2nd to 22nd, so you have plenty of time to level up and get your Summer Games Loot Boxes. Try and get the various skins and other cosmetics that they offer:


No Summer Games would be complete without the games. That game being Lucioball! It is a Lucio only 3v3 set in a special new map, Estádio das Rãs —and with it Lucio’s abilities have been tweaked for the new game mode.

Lucio’s primary fire is now his punch, so he can hit the ball a short distance for blocking shots or dribbling it to the goal. His alternate fire is still the same however, it’ll knock away other Lucios but it launches the ball (so it’s better used for that). You can’t switch to healing mode in Lucioball (you won’t be taking damage anyways) and your speed boost only effects you, but Amp It Up will still effect everyone. His ult no longer provides a huge shield but instead pulls the ball towards you wherever you are on the map.

lucio1 lucio2 lucio3 lucio4

Estádio das Rãs is a really cool and gorgeous soccer stadium in Rio. If you can ignore the mayhem, maybe wall-ride and check it out. This map is crazy though, it’s small and you’re wrestling for control of the soccer ball the whole time. But it helps you out a bit, as the map has jump pads that let you soar through the air and walls that speed you up when you wall-ride on them.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about Overwatch’s first season event, and it’s aiming to be a pretty great one. This isn’t going to be the only one though, so keep your eye out for more festive events and themed loot boxes in the future.

The Summer Games are live right now so go play some Lucioball!

Overwatch Summer Games 2016

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