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Stick figures meet Skyrim in the sprawling comedy RPG, West of Loathing. Explore perilous gulches, skeleton-riddled cemeteries, and disreputable saloons. Plumb the ruins of ancient civilizations, deliver justice to sarcastic bandits, and negotiate complex bureaucracies in cursed ghost towns. But watch your back, because danger and dumb jokes lurk around every corner!
A Familiar Title
An early scene from West of Loathing. The payer is next to a cactus in a western town.While the game is loosely based off of Asymetric’s MMORPG The Kingdom of Loathing, and shares many of the same mechanics, it will be a complete standalone title. With the same goofball storylines and silly antics, West of Loathing feels a lot like its predecessor. With more stats and some new mechanics, it is set to provide laughs as well as flushed out quest and combat systems.
The PAX Experience
A conversation segment from West of Loathing.In the starting zone at PAX, I was presented with choices that would determine the type of character I would start my adventure with. Along with common stats for combat, related to melee, ranged, and magic, you must maintain other stats to unlock story options. The feeling is similar to conversation checks in the Fallout series. What looks like a simple game on the surface, is actually a well-constructed set of mechanics and systems that pull together a really engaging experience.
As I played the game more, I began to realize more and more that West of Loathing was something that has really been missing for me in the market. It plays out as something that is deep enough for me to enjoy playing through from start to finish, as well as something that my kids can dig into as well. Since failures are met with a slight buff and the chance to try again, challenges are both a struggle as well as forgiving. This title has everything needed to be a game for the whole family.
By the end of the demo, I had a good number of laughs, a few puzzles that took some thinking to complete, and a feeling of progress. It was a game that just felt good to play when I was done and was only disappointed that I didn’t have more to play at the time. When I got home I was inspired to look into The Kingdom of Loathing in order to get into the antics before West of Loathing is released.
                          The inventory screen from West of Loathing.A combat scene with the player on the left, and three snakes on the right.
A Noteworthy RPG, Perfect for Kids
From a young age, I’ve been an RPG fan, but current RPGs aren’t something that children latch onto easily. I look forward to picking up West of Loathing however because I know my kids are going to have  a blast with the humor and stories involved. Starting in early 2017, the game can be picked up on Steam and in the App store. For any RPG fans looking for a light but well-made game, look no further than West of Loathing.
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