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Wildstar, sci-fi fantasy MMO from developer Carbine Studios, has announced that it will be launching for Steam on June 9. The game went free-to-play in September 2015, and continues to release new content and events. We can expect upcoming race and class options to be added to the game as well.


For those of you who like fast-paced MMORPGs with unique combat and a great backstory, Wildstar has a lot to offer you. Their end-game raiding is one of the most enthralling and addictive experiences for MMO veterans, and after playing almost every MMO on the market, nothing quite stands to compete.

Wildstar Datascape

The second raid, Datascape, brings forth some beautiful scenes and challenging content.

Alongside the launch we’re offering new bundles through the WildStar Steam store page for those looking to get a leg up on their adventures throughout Nexus. And we’re offering very similar bundles through the In-Game Store too for those of you who aren’t playing through Steam. In addition to some boosts and bonuses you’ll get, we’ve bundled in Signature time, some cosmetics, pets, mounts—you name it—all for a deep bundle discount.

Now’s a better time than ever to pick up Wildstar and check out what new features they’re bringing to Steam!


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