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Valkyrie's RageYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links recently released the Valkyrie’s Rage set into the game. There are new cards, new potential strategies and a whole lot of fun to have as a fan.

Below is my personal list of 10 cards I want from the set, in no particular order. (List of the set’s cards).

1) Dunames Dark Witch

Dunames Dark Witch
Dunames Dark Witch is a natural choice to add to the wish list. She is the poster monster, after all. Her arrival means she becomes the strongest “vanilla” monster in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links for her level (available up to this point for players).

2) The Fiend Megacyber

The Fiend Megacyber
Technically speaking, using The Fiend Megacyber’s effect probably means you are in a pinch. But with that said, this card can potentially turn around a dicey situation with its decent ATK stat. Plus, its effect is a Special Summon, which means you still have your regular summon/set up your sleeve.

3) Soul Exchange

Soul Exchange
Ah, nostalgia. Soul Exchange was one of my first cards when I first got into Yu-Gi-Oh! In this game’s format, Soul Exchange is no joke. Taking one of your opponent’s monsters for a Tribute Summon is a game changer. It is a shame you cannot attack in the same turn for such a great effect.

4) Nobleman of Extermination

Nobleman of Extermination
Face-down Spell and Trap cards are scary. Fortunately, Nobleman of Extermination has the remedy for them. Like the name implies, this Spell exterminates. Not only that, Trap cards of the same name receive the banishment treatment from the deck (including your own), making this super useful against opponents who pack extra copies of pesky Traps.

5) Divine Wrath

Divine Wrath

Smite those pesky monsters with their fancy effects. Smite ’em good. Its discard cost is a tad pricey, but it is well worth it in the right situation.

6) White-Horned Dragon

White-Horned Dragon

Dragons are cool. Who doesn’t like dragons, honestly? This particular drake has superb art, a great effect and is practical in multiple decks. A winning combination, right?

With its own effect, White-Horned Dragon can reach 3700 ATK when played. Nice.

7) Adhesion Trap Hole

Adhesion Trap Hole
Put your foes in a sticky situation. Literally. Bad puns aside, this card is efficient for what it does. If you activate this when a particularly strong monster appears, its ATK stat drops down to manageable levels for most decks. Also, take note that it can affect more than one monster at once.

8) Pumpprincess the Princess of Ghosts

Pumpprincess the Princess of Ghosts
The card’s name is as cooky as its effect. This monster transforms itself into a Continuous Spell when destroyed in battle face-up. Afterward, the card gradually lowers the stats of your opponent’s monsters for each passing turn. Pumpkin Counters, am I right?

9) Ghost Knight of Jackal

Ghost Knight of Jackal
Using your opponent’s monsters against them is always fun. After taking down an opposing monster, Ghost Knight of Jackal revives them to serve you instead. Savage but cool. Requiring a Tribute Summon is a tough tradeoff, though.

10) Fairy Meteor Crush

Fairy Meteor Crush

Another vintage card back from back in the day. Piercing damage = underrated in Yu-Gi-Oh! Every bit of damage helps, so toss this onto your strongest monster and pierce through your opponent’s defenses!

So this was my list for Valkyrie’s Rage. I hope everyone has good luck in collecting the premium cards in the set. See you all in Duel World.

Yu-Gi-Oh! card images belong to Konami.

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