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As many of you adventurers have noticed, Zelda: Breath Of the Wild has the support for amiibos, which can give you special in-game items!

If you do not know how to turn on the amiibo option, open your start menu, system screen and then hit options. This will allow you to enable amiibos. After you’ve enabled the amiibo option, you will then be able to go into your rune menu (by pressing up on the d-pad) to access the amiibo rune circle. Note: amiibos can only be used once a day.


Breath of the Wild Horse Rider LinkUnique saddle, food, and a chance for high-end weapons.
Breath of the Wild Archer LinkRare bow-type weapon, food and other materials.
Breath of the Wild ZeldaHylian Shield, rare item, and plants.
Breath of the Wild BokoblinPowerful club-type weapon and cooking meat.
Breath of the Wild GuardianRare weapons, powerful arrows , and food.
Smash Bros Zelda/ShiekCooking and crafting materials, and a rare weapon. There is a chance you can get Shiek’s mask.
Smash Bros GanondorfCooking and crafting materials and a rare weapon
Super Smash Bros LinkFirst scan will allow you to get Epona, after the first scan you will get food, and a weapon OR  Twilight Princess Link’s costume.
Wind Waker ZeldaBunch of plants for cooking and a shield. You may have a chance of getting the Hero’s Shield from Wind Waker.
Wind Waker LinkBunch of fish, a chance to get Wind Waker armor, sea-breeze boomerang and other gear.
Twilight Princess Wolf LinkWolf Link will spawn as an ally, his health depends on your save data file with Twilight Princess HD
Ocarina of Time LinkMeat and a chance to get Ocarina of Time costume, biggoron sword, and other weapons
8-Bit LinkFood, Rupees, and a chance to get classic Link’s tunic or weapons.

If you are loving Breath of the Wild and want to check out some exclusive goodies, head to your local store and order some amiibos!

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