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EloChat Bonus Episode 2: Zelda

EloChat Bonus Episode 2 Recap Welcome to Bonus Episode 2 of EloChat! In this episode, Justin is joined by Ian and our special guest Carlos. For our bonus episo...
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EloChat Episode 7: YouTube

EloChat Episode 7 Recap Welcome to Episode 7 of EloChat! In this episode, Justin is joined by Louis, Dale, and our special guest IcyVolk. YouTube blew up in th...

EloChat Bonus Episode 1: Final Fantasy XV

EloChat Bonus Episode 1 Recap Welcome to Bonus Episode 1 of EloChat! In this episode, Justin is joined by Ian and Ziggy. For our bonus episodes, we toss the st...

EloChat Episode 6: The Switch is coming out, eLeague, and the death of Greenlight

Welcome to Episode 6 of EloChat! In this episode, Justin is joined by Louis and Jamison. After a quick rundown of our new format, we jump right into the meat of the discussion. The release of the Nintendo Switch has everyone hyped, and the EloTalk crew is no exception. eLeage spells some big news in the world of esports. To wrap things up, Valve's cancellation of Greenlight could mean big things for Steam.

EloChat Episode 5: A review of 2016

Welcome to Episode 5 of EloChat! Justin, Natalie, and Ziggy take a look back at 2016. After the death and tragedy of so many stars, the crew talks about the impact of Carrie Fisher on so many of our lives. Moving to a more positive note, they cover games from the last year. VR and the impact it will have on horror games will make you think twice before checking it out! Will Justin ever play South Park: The Stick of Truth?

EloChat Episode 4: Final Fantasy XV, Video Game Awards and more

These are exciting times as Final Fantasy XV has been released, and Star Wars: Rogue One is just around the corner. Natalie, Justin and Ziggy talk about their experiences and what they are looking forward to. The Video Game Awards released their winners. Some titles can be agreed upon, while others are a bit more controversial.

EloChat Episode 3: Blizzcon, Final Fantasy, and more

With news fresh from Blizzcon, Justin, Ziggy and Natalie go over a lot of new things from Blizzard. Then join in for some fun controversy around Watchdogs 2 and Ghost in the Shell. To top it off, Pokemon and Final Fantasy make a splash this episode.

EloChat Episode 2: Pro Rivalry League, esports and more

Justin and Estelle sit down with Quent and Duviel from Pro Rivalry League, a prime source for Rocket League and other esport tournaments. PRL brings the opportunity to compete at a tournament level to newbies and veterans alike, and it's making splashes in the esports community. Take a look at what it is like first hand to put together the crew needed to host these events.

EloChat Episode 1: TwitchCon, PAX and More

Welcome to Episode 1 of EloChat! After introductions with Justin, Kayla, and Ian, we dive right in. Technology and how it affects gamers takes center stage. Events like TwitchCon and PAX, are fresh and full of exciting information. Then we talk about the developments coming out of LAFORGE Optical, HyperX, and Microsoft. Will any of these new gadgets make an impact in your life? Check in with the team and see what they have to see about why it might!