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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 AnnouncementThe iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be boasting two new colors: Jet Black, which has a glossy shine to it, and a more original black. Be warned: Apple announced that the jet black phone scratches more easily. Other colors offered will be the usual array Apple already offers for their other phones: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.


Storage Capacity and Battery Life

Apple has eliminated the 16GB model of the iPhone 7 and will now offer the 32GB as the standard phone. This will give users more room to utilize the features on their phone while also having room to personalize their device with the content they enjoy, without experiencing a lag. Now users can purchase a phone with either 32GB, 128BG, or 256GB.

As far as battery life goes, the iPhone 7 will last up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6s. This means an estimated 40 hours of wireless audio playback / up to 14 hours on wi-fi. The iPhone 7 Plus should last an hour longer than the iPhone 6s Plus, estimating around 60 hours of wireless audio playback / 15 hours on wi-fi.

Both models will be sporting a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Apple AirPods Earbuds

Wireless Headphones

With the goal to make the iPhone thinner and more aesthetic, Apple has completely removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their newest phone models. Instead, users will be able to use a lightning cable adapter to plug their headphones into their phone, or use Apple’s new AirPods. The purpose behind this is to provide higher audio quality to the user while also eliminating tangled headphones for good.

The AirPods will sell for $159.00 USD and will be available in late October.

AirPods will boast a 24-hour battery life with a portable charging case. 15 minutes in the case equals three hours of battery life, according to Apple. Inside the headphones is the Apple W1 Chip, which will provide a better connection to the user’s phone and higher audio quality.


Upgraded Home Button

The Home button on the phone will no longer click when you press on it. Now the button is pressure sensitive, much like the new MacBook trackpads. This new button will provide feedback with the Taptic Engine.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Cameras

iPhone 7 Plus Cameras

Apple has taken the step to emphasize the difference between their regular model and plus model of the iPhone 7. The 7 Plus as two cameras that work together to produce stunning photos. It has the 12MP wide-angle camera available on the iPhone 7, in addition to the 12MP telephoto camera.

The use of two cameras will enable users to zoom in without losing picture quality and a depth-of-field effect.


Water Resistance

Spilling something on your phone will no longer give you a terrible heart attack. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are splash proof in addition to dust proof as well.

A10 Fusion Chip

“iPhone 7 is supercharged by the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. It’s not just faster than any previous iPhone — it’s also more efficient. That’s because the A10 Fusion chip uses an all-new architecture that enables faster processing when you need it, and the ability to use even less power when you don’t. And with the longest battery life ever in an iPhone, you can work at twice the speed of iPhone 6 and still enjoy more time between charges.”


iOS 10: Available September 13

iOS10 Available September 13

When iOS 10 released, users can expect a pretty large overhaul of updates being brought to their phone. Siri will have major improvements, as well as many of Apple’s original widgets. The goal is to make iOS more functional and user-friendly.

Users will be able to hide most built in apps so they don’t clutter their screen. Messages will be way more interactive and Apple maps will offer more features like being able to find where you parked your car, which is pretty awesome.

This new system will be available for iPhone 5 and up, iPod Touch 6th gen, iPad mini 2 and up, iPad 4th generation and all new models.


MacOS Sierra: September 20th

Siri Available on macOS Sierra


There are many ways users will be able to utilize Siri on their Macs.

  • Locate Files
  • Multitask: search for things, send messages, set reminders, and more while you’re doing something else.
  • Pin results in the notifications center  to look at later.
  • Search for something and drag + drop it right to your desktop.


Universal Clipboard

“Copy images, video, and text from an app on your iPhone. Then paste into another app on your nearby Mac — or vice versa. There are no extra steps. Just copy and paste as you normally do. Find a great recipe while browsing on your Mac? Paste the ingredients right to the grocery list on your iPhone.”


Auto Unlock thanks to Apple Watch

Like always, Apple is encouraging users to have all Apple products so that way their products can work together. With MacOS Sierra, users will be able to unlock their Mac simply by wearing their Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Series 2

Lineup of Apple Watch models

  • Water resistant up to 50meters (154ft).
  • Built in GPS.
  • Heart Rate Sensor that works while you workout.
  • Workout app now offers 12 indoor and outdoor workouts.
  • Improved activity app.
  • Third party workout apps now work with the activity app.
  • Listen to music either from the watch’s speaker or use AirPods.

Pokémon GO will also be playable on the Apple Watch! However, you will not be able to catch Pokémon from the watch. Users will get alerts, similar to the Pokémon GO wearable, that will let you know when a pokémon is nearby. Users will still need to take our their phones to do the actual catching.

Eggs will also be easier to hatch with the watch’s improved GPS features and you can collect items from PokéStops!

Also, Nintendo and Apple Will Come Together with Super Mario Run!


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