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The Chernobyl VR Project is an interactive documentary in a VR setting that allows the player to tour the forbidden zone of Chernobyl 30 years after it’s disastrous nuclear meltdown.

Since the early access release of The Chernobyl VR Project for the Oculus Rift, Farm 51 has received great feedback and reviews from their players. They’ve announced that they will be releasing The Chernobyl VR Project on the HTC Vive in August.

What we are most excited about, though, is the Vive version, which we plan as the most advanced and extensive version of our application. -Creative Director Wojciech Pazdur

The game utilizes real life 3D scans of the site giving players an incredibly accurate representation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the town of Pripyat.

It’s exciting to see VR technology being utilized as not only a gaming medium but a tool for education and virtual travel.

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