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Discord proudly announced on July 7th that they have hit 11 million users and are growing 2 million every month! In addition to that, they hit a peak 1 million concurrent users who send 40 million messages a day and up to 1.2 billion per month!

The data the Discord community uses up is tremendous! The gigantic community uses up to 4 petabytes per month. That’s the equivalent of downloading 1 season of Game of Thrones every 5 seconds! That’s insane.

Most of Discord’s population comes from 99 different countries with 20 different localizations supporting some HUGE servers such as the /r/Overwatch with a whopping 27,000 active members. Discord has also shipped 70 community voted features along with 11 more upcoming.

With only 31 full-time employees and a handful of interns, Discord has grown massively in a short time, and is only going to get better from here!

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